Due to the recent corona virus developments, we were forced to cancel all sessions up to the 6th of April, until further notice. We're hoping to facilitate on-site training again soon!


During these remote-working weeks, we've added "face-to-face" support!

✔️ 1 hour support sessions

✔️ Between 1 PM and 4 PM

✔️ Mon + Tue + Wed + Thu

✔️ Live via Google Hangouts

✔️ 1-1 with an Academy Trainer


Need support?

Don't need to book a full hour?


Please reach out to us on:



Currently we only provide trainings and workshops to the PVH brands Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein.

In the near future the Academy will also open it's doors to other brands and individuals!

If you would like more information or want to be added to the "keep me posted list" send us a message on academy@stitchdesignlab.com

On-site training sessions, for up to 5 participants per session. You can find an overview below of our current curriculum for trainings & workshops.



Prep School

This first of 3 modules will give you the basics in using VStitcher.

We recommend to also sign up for the next 2 modules, Marky-Mark and Ivy League, to get the best result from our training.

Marky Mark

This second of 3 modules will give you deeper insights in using VStitcher.

This module is only bookable after following the "Prep School"module. Or if you already have a basic knowledge of VStitcher.

Ivy League

This last of 3 modules will give you advanced capabilities in using VStitcher.

This module is only bookable after following the Prep School and Marky Mark modules.

Or if you already have an intermediate knowledge of VStitcher.

New York-Bronx

During this module we will cover all functionality within Lotta.

If you have participated or will participate in the 3 VStitcher modules you do not need to book the Lotta module.

New Release Features

A 2 hour introduction into the new features of the latest release of VStitcher and Lotta.

This Module is for participants which have followed the VStitcher or Lotta modules previously, or if you have used the software before.

PD 3D Workflow

This module will cover the communication process from PVH to its vendors.

Aimed at Product Developers but also available for anyone who needs to communicate effectively using 3D tools and StyleZone from Browzwear.


Pattern, Pattern, Pattern

This workshop is ideal for Designers, Pattern-Makers, and Fit Technicians.

Gain more experience in VStitcher for pattern making and adjusting pattens.

Collar Madness

Ever had issues getting that neckline to look just right?

After this workshop your collars will look crisp and clean!

Product in 1 day

During this workshop, you will design and make a product in 1 day.

Unlock the power of 3D design through combining the 3D design tools with your creative product minds.

Stitch 101

Discover what Stitch is all about by using software to create our 3D garment.

Understand what our in house tools contribute to the apparel creation process and sew together your first physical garment in our own MakerSpace.

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